Tiếng Anh Lớp 7: Exercise 6: Choose the best answer. 1.      After they                         their breakfast, they                          shopping

Tiếng Anh Lớp 7: Exercise 6: Choose the best answer. 1.      After they                         their breakfast, they                          shopping yesterday. A.  have/go                   B. had had/go               C. had/had gone        D. had had/went 2.       They                         tea when the doorbell                           . A.   have/is ringing        B. were having/rang C. have had/ rang D. having/ringing 3.       Father                         his pipe while mother                             a magazine. A.   smoked/read                                                B. had smoked/read C. was smoking/was reading                            D. smoking/reading 4.      When I                        into the office, my boss _                       for me. A.  came/was waiting                                        B. was coming/waited C. had come/waited                                         D. came/waiting 5.       When I                         Brian, he                        a taxi. A.   see/drives                                                     B. see/was driving C. saw/ had driven                                           D. saw/is driving 6.       When he                         , we                        dinner. A.   arrived/having                                              B. arrived/were having C. was arriving/had                                          D. had arrived/had 7.       While they                       _ chess, we                       _the shopping. A.   playing/doing                                               B. were playing/doing C. played/did                                                    D. were playing/were doing 8.       They                         football when the lights in the stadium                               out. A.   were playing/went                                       B. played/was going C. were playing/ was going                              D. playing/went 9.       While George and John                           their room, she                          the ironing. A.   cleaning/doing                                             B. were cleaning/was doing C. were cleaning/doing                                     D. cleaning/was doing 10.  Today is Thursday and she               late twice this week. She              late yesterday and on Monday. A.   is/was                     B. has been/is                C. has been/was         D. has been/had been 11.   What                         he                         before you came? A.   does/do                  B. had/do                      C. had/done               D. has/done 12.   She lost her balance when she                            to reach out for the balloon. A.  had tried                B. was trying                C. tried                      D. had been trying 13.   When I met John, he                          from his university already. A.  graduated                                                   B. was graduating C. had been graduating                                   D. had graduated 14.   When I was younger, I                          to smoke or drink. A.  wasn’t used           B. didn’t used               C. never used             D. not used 15.   The statue (break)                       while it (move)                         to another room in the museum. A.   broke/was being moved                               B. was broken/was moved C. had been broken/was being moved             D. was broken/was being moved Exercise 7: Choose the best answer. 1.       Just a minute too late, he                           on the train when the girl came. A.   leaves                     B. had left                    C. would be leaving        D. left 2.      Ms Abbott                             home from work when she                             the child fall off the bridge. A.   has been walking-saw                                  B. had been walking-saw C. was walking-saw                                         D. was walking-had seen 3.      After                        for help, she                          off her shoes and                           to save him. A.  have been shouting-took-jumped                                 B. having shouted-took-jumped C. shouting-had taken-jumped                                           D. shouting-took-jumped 4.       The performance                           at 7 o’clock and                          for three hours. We all                        it. A.   began-lasted-have enjoyed                          B. began-lasted-enjoyed C. would be begin-lasted-enjoyed                   D. had began-lasted-enjoyed 5.       He                      for London 2 years ago and I                         him since. A.   had left – haven’t seen                                 B. left – haven’t seen C. left – didn’t see                                             D. had left- didn’t see 6.      “You                        the key which you                           yesterday?” “Yes, I                          it in the pocket of my other coat.” A.   Had …. found – lost – found                      B. Have …. found – lost – found C. found – lost – found                                    D. found – lost – have found 7.       I                       him in the library when I                            there. A.   have seen-were       B. saw-was sitting        C. had seen-were       D. saw-were 8.       She                       anything last night. A.   didn’t                      B. don’t                         C. didn’t do               D. don’t do 9.       I               Ann at her father’s house twenty years ago and                        her ever since. A.   met/ have known                                         B. was meeting/ knew C. met / knew                                                   D. have met/ was working 10.   He                        a cigarette and                           to the window. A.   was lighting-walked                                    B. lighted-had walked C. lighted-walked                                             D. would light-walked 11.  He greeted her. She really                           better than when he                           her last. Yes, she     A.  had looked – saw – had changed                      B. looked – saw – had changed C. has looked – saw – has changed                   D. looked – had seen – had changed 12.   After the guests                           she                                                 off the light. A.   left – went – switched                                 B. had left – had gone – switched C. had left – went – switched                           D. left – went – had switched 13.   I sat down at the desk and                            why my father’s letter                          yet. I                   to ask him to send me some money before. A.   wondered – hadn’t arrived – had written B.  had wondered – arrived – wrote C.   wondered – arrived – wrote D.   wondered – had arrived – wrote back into the living-room and I.               PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS (QUÁ KHỨ HOÀN THÀNH TIẾP DIỄN) Exercise 1: Put the verb in the past perfect continuous tense. 1.       I was very tired when I arrived home. I (work)                              hard all day. 2.       We (sleep)                         for 12 hours when he woke us up. 3.       We (wait)                              at the station for 90 minutes when the train finally arrived. 4.       We (look for)                           her ring for two hours before we found it in the bathroom. 5.       I (not walk)                               for a long time, when it suddenly began to rain. 6.       How long (learn/she) _                        English before she went to London? 7.       He (drive)                         less than an hour when he ran out of petrol. 8.       They were very tired in the evening because they (help)                               on the farm all day. 9.       I (not work)                             all day; so I wasn’t tired and went to the disco at night. 10.   They (circle)                             all day so their legs were sore in the evening. Exercise 2: Put the verb in the past perfect continuous tense. 1.       They (chat)                                     for over 2 hours. 2.       I (wait)                       there for ages. 3.       She (sit)                   there for 20 minutes before the doctor (call)                      her name. 4.       They (jog)                     for a while before they (get)                        tired. 5.       I (wait)                       for the bus for 10 minutes when it (arrive)                                  . 6.       She (want)                     to rest a bit because she (clean)                            the whole day. 7.       They (decide)                           to break up because they (fight)                          for a long time. 8.       Alex (play)                      golf for many years before he (retire)                                   . 9.       Susan (be)                       _ hungry because she (work)                             the whole day. 10.   Peter (drink)                      too much, so he (have)                           to run to the bathroom a lot. Exercise 3: Give the correct tense form of the verbs. 1.       Anna (fail)                               the exam because she (skip)                            _ classes. 2.       I (work)                               on my book for a year when I (publish)                                        it. 3.       You (pass)                                     the test because you (study)                              very well. 4.       We (buy)                                        the house after we (save)                             for many years. 5.       I (work)                             too much, so I (take)                                        a vacation. 6.       They (play)                                basketball before they (switch)                                to baseball. 7.       She (sell)                             soaps before she (open)                                    her own company. 8.       We (expect)                     her when she (arrive)                                  . 9.       Laura (be)                         very sad because she (fight)                                with her boyfriend. 10.    George (be)                   very excited because he (wait)                to invite Sheila to the movies. Exercise 4: Give the correct tense form of the verbs. 1.    Tina (feel)                               sick because she (eat)                           several burgers. 2.    You (buy)                             the food before you (cook)                         it. 3.    I (run)                             for 2 hours by the time I (get)                                   really tired. 4.    I (notice)                              that somebody (smoke)                                    there. 5.    They (say)                       _ that they (work)                                       very hard. 6.    Marek (date)                        a lot before he (meet)                                          his wife. 7.    I (visit)                       many places before I (arrive)                                              . 8.   I lost the key that he (give)                                       to me. 9.   He told me that he (see)                             the film. 10.   He was really angry because he (wait)                     for more than half an hour when I arrived. Exercise 5: Give the correct tense form of the verbs. 1.   Laura needed a break because she (study)                                 all morning. 2.   When Lorraine moved to England, she (learn)                                        for 12 years. 3.   I did not go out last night because I (work)                                              all day. 4.   Orla felt fit for the marathon because she (exercise)                                          a lot. 5.   You got sick because you (eat)                          all the time. 6.   We (go)                                out together for two years before I met his family. 7.  The passengers (wait)                                 for four hours before the ground staff could finally give them information on the delay of their flight. 8.   When I noticed my mistake, I (drive)                                 for an hour in the wrong direction. 9.   He was sad because it (rain)                                       all day. 10.   We didn’t know where to go because we (not listen)                                            to them. Exercise 6: Choose the best answer. 1      It is raining now. It began raining two hours ago. So it                  for almost two hours. A.  rains                              B. is raining                   C. had been raining D. rained 2               you           out last night? A.  Did/go                           B. Do/go                       C. Have/gone                D. Were /going 3      While Tom            tennis, Ann            a shower. A.  played/took B.  playing/taking C.  was playing/was taking D.  was play/was take 4      When they            in the garden, the phone              . A.  worked/was ringing B.  were working/rang C.  worked/rang D.  work/rings 5      After they           their breakfast, they              shopping yesterday. A.  have/go                         B. had had/go               C. had/had gone           D. had had/went 6      They           tea when the doorbell             . A.  have/is ringing               B. were having/rang C. had had/ rang               D. having/ringing 7      Father           his pipe while mother                a magazine. A.  smoked/read B.  had smoked/read C.was smoking/ was reading D.  smoking/reading 8      When I           into the office, my boss             for me. A.  came/was waiting B.  was coming /waited 9      When I           Brian, he           a taxi. C. had come/waited D. came/waiting A. see/drives                      B. see/was driving        C. saw/was driving       D. saw/is driving 10 . While they                             chess, we           the shopping. A.  playing/doing B.  were playing/doing C.  played/did D.  were playing/were doing 11  . They           football when the lights in the stadium                 out. A.  were playing/went B.  played/was going C.  were playing/ was going D.  playing/went 12  . While George and John              their room, she             the ironing. A.  cleaning/doing B.  were cleaning/was doing C.  were cleaning/doing D.  cleaning/was doing, giúp em giải bài này ạ, em cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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