Tiếng Anh Lớp 9: 1. ____________ have mentioned the Ao Dai in many songs. (music) 2. The Vietnamese women are ____________of the Ao Dai. (pri

Tiếng Anh Lớp 9: 1. ____________ have mentioned the Ao Dai in many songs. (music) 2. The Vietnamese women are ____________of the Ao Dai. (pride) 3. The Ao Dai is the ____________dress of Vietnamese women. (tradition) 4. Wemustarrange a ____________timeandplacefor the meeting.(convenience) 5. ____________have printed flowers on the Ao Dai. (design) 6. She lives in a very____________ part of London. (fashion) 7. Her work lacks ____________.(inspire) 8. The company is investing $9 million to ____________its factories.(modern) 9. He spent five years in Paris, with ____________visits to Italy. (occasion) 10. The ____________of the employees have university degrees. (major) 11. What are you going to do this ____________ (week) 12. Two million people in the country live in ____________ (poor) 13. The children had an ____________about what game to play. (argue) 14. I‘d prefer not to work but I don‘t have many____________ (choose) 15. Is there any ____________to reply to her letter? (necessary) 16. I don‘t know why he‘s always ____________to me. (friend) 17. ____________is necessary after hard working. (relax) 18. Don‘t be ____________about your coming graduation exam. Just take it easy. (worry) 19. We ____________meet for a drink after work. (occasion) 20. Mr Pike drove ____________ so he caused an accident last week. (care) 21. She got up so late this morning that she didn‘t have time to make up, ____________got dressed and rushed to the office. (hurry) 22. He is considered one of the greatest ____________of the country. (heroic) 23. The ____________have to move away because of a hug storm. (village) 24. She doesn‘t live in Hanoi. She settles down in Ha Dong, a ____________ town. (near) 25. There are a lot of ____________at tourist attractions in HCMC. (sightsee) 26. She is such a good teacher. Her lessons are explained so we love her a lot. (enjoy) 27. Peter‘s opinion wasn‘t practical so we were in ____________ with him.(agree) 28. Banyan tree ____________the Vietnamese country. (symbol) 29. We‘ll wait for you at the main ____________ to the market. (enter) 30. Tom was very excellent. He ____________ answered all the questions. (exact) 31. We often take part in many ____________ activities at school. (culture) 32. He is a young teacher, but he is very ____________. (experience) 33. The course is suitable for both ____________and advanced students. (begin) 34. I watch the news every day because it is very ____________. (inform) 35. Ton works for an ____________ bank in Ho Chi Minh City. (nation) 36. We have many well- ____________ teachers in our school. (qualify) 37. He is an ____________ of this newspaper office. (edit) 38. Have you seen the new ____________ for Double Rich shampoo? (advertise) 39. I need only one volume to ____________ my set of Dicken‘s novels (completion) 40. The ____________ asked her a lot of questions. (examine), giúp em giải bài này ạ, em cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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