Tiếng Anh Lớp 8: IV. CHOOSE THE WORD (A,B,C OR D) THAT BEST FITS THE SPACE IN THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE: Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, (1)________

Tiếng Anh Lớp 8: IV. CHOOSE THE WORD (A,B,C OR D) THAT BEST FITS THE SPACE IN THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE: Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, (1)____________many experiments and (2)___________ came up with a (3)_______________ which they first introduced in 1876. Bell said (4)________ the telephone: “Mr.Watson, come here. I want you.” This was the first telephone message. Traveling all over America, Bell demonstrated his invention to the public at countless (5)______________, and by 1877 the first telephone was in (6)___________ use. 1. a. gave b. took c. conducted d. made 2. a. final b. finally c. firstly d. secondly 3. a. device b. decide c. thing d. tool 4. a. in b. on c. at d. with 5. a. exhibition b, exhibitions c. demonstrations d. markets 6. a. commerce b. buying c. selling d. commercial V. READ THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE. DECIDE IF THE STATEMENT FROM 1 TO 4 ARE TRUE OR FALSE AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER (A,B,C OR D) FOR THE QUESTIONS 5 AND 6: On March 3, 1847, Alexander Graham bell was born in Edinburgh . He was a Scotsman although he later emigrated, first to Canada and then to the USA in the 1870s. In America, he worked with deaf-mutesat Boston University. Soon. Bell started experimenting with ways of transmitting speech over a longdistance. This led to the invention of the telephone. 1. Alexander G. Bell was born in the USA. ___________ 2.He went to Boston when he was twenty-four. ___________ 3.He worked with deaf-mutes with Oxford University ___________ 4.He invented the telephone. ___________ 5.He invented the telephone in ________________. A. Edinburgh B. America C. Canada D. Scotland 6.He was a(n) ___________________________________. A. Scotsman B. emigrant C. A & B D. deaf – mutes VI. REARRANGE THE GROUPS OF WORDS IN A CORRECT ORDER TO MAKE COMPLETE SENTENCES: 1. at night. / The noise / in / the street / people / annoys . →The noise____________________________________________________________________ 2. be / My brother / will / at my house/ tonight. →My brother___________________________________________________________________ 3. to / are / weekend / What / do / going / you / next /? →What_______________________________________________________________________ 4. family / spending / She / Tet holidays / likes / with / time / on / her / →Tet holidays__________________________________________________________________ 5. to give / We / green color / hope / the city/ to / more/ →We_________________________________________________________________________ Khanh Nhu is too busy to go to the cinema. →Khanh Nhu is ________________________________________________________________________ 2. The chicken is too big for him to eat alone → The chicken _________________________________________________________________________ 3. He was too sick to work in the workshop . → He was _____________________________________________________________________________ 4.Jack is too careless to do that job. →Jack is ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. His daughter isn’t beautiful enough to take part in the contest . →His daughter is _______________________________________________________________________ 6. Mark is too young to ride his bike to school. Mark isn’t____________________________________________________________________________ 7.. He was too sick to work in the workshop. → He was not __________________________________________________________________________ 8.Jack is too careless to do that job. → Jack is not ___________________________________________________________________________ 9.I intend to come over to pick you up. → I am ________________________________________________________________________________ 10.Lan intends to visit her grandparents tomorrow. →Lan is________________________________________________________________________________ 11.Idon’t intend to buy some new books.  I am ________________________________________________________________________________ 12.We are going to play basketball this afternoon. We intend____________________________________________________________________________ 13.What do you intend to do tomorrow? What are you _________________________________________________________________________ 14.We should visit our teacher today . → We ought____________________________________________________________________________ 15.I must finish this homework now . → I have ______________________________________________________________________________ 16.Sheought to take care of her house . → She should __________________________________________________________________________ 17.They should go home on time → They ought _________________________________________________________________________ 18. I have to ask my aunt and she’s downstairs. →I ought______________________________________________________________________________ 19.Would you like to come to my house for lunch? →What_______________________________________________________________________________? 20. Let’s meet inside the center,at the café corner. →Why don’t___________________________________________________________________________?, giúp em giải bài này ạ, em cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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