Tiếng Anh Lớp 7: Mark the correct option A, B, C or D: 1. I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ______ it better. A. understood

Tiếng Anh Lớp 7: Mark the correct option A, B, C or D: 1. I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ______ it better. A. understood           B. would understand  C. had understood       D. understands 2. It never stops raining here. I wish it ______ raining. A. stopped                 B. would stop               C. had stopped             D. will stop 3. I miss my friends. I wish my friends ______ here right now. A. were                     B. would be                  C. had been                  D. was 4. I should never have said that. I wish I ______ that. A. didn’t say              B. wouldn’t say            C. hadn’t said               D. says 5. I speak terrible English. I wish I ______ English well. A. spoke B. would speak                               C. had spoken              D. speaks 6. I cannot sleep. The dog next door is making too much noise. I wish it ______ quiet. A kept     B. would keep                                 C. had kept                   D. will keep 7. This train is very slow. The earlier train was much faster. I wish I ____ the earlier train. A. caught B. would catch                                C. had caught               D. catches 8. I didn’t see the TV programme but everybody said it was excellent. I wish I ___ it. A. saw     B. would see                                    C. had seen                   D. seen 9. I went out in the rain and now I have a bad cold. I wish I ______ out. A. didn’t go                B. wouldn’t go             C. hadn’t gone              D. went 10. This movie is terrible. I wish we ______ to see another one. A. went   B. would go                                     C. had gone                  D. go 11. I hate living in England. It’s cold and it’s damp. I wish I ______ in Spain. A. lived   B. would live                                   C. had lived                  D. live 12.  I was only in Miami for a week. I wish I ______ more time there but I had to go on to New York. A. had     B. would have                                 C. had had                    D. have 13. You drive too fast. I wish you__________   more slowly.       A. drive  B. drove    C. had driven               D. would drive 14. He missed an exciting football match on TV last night. He wishes that he _______ it.            A. watched                B. would watch            C. had watched            D. watches 15. My face is bright red. I wish I ______ in the sun so long yesterday A. didn’t sit                B. wouldn’t sit              C. hadn’t sat                  D. sat 16. It was supposed to be a secret. I wish you ______ him. A. didn’t tell              B. wouldn’t tell            C. hadn’t told                D. tell 17. They didn’t offer me the job. I wish they ______ it to me. A. offered                  B. would offer             C. had offered              D. offer 18.  It’s a pity I didn’t take my doctor’s advice. – I wish you __________ the doctor’s advice.       A. took    B. would take                                  C. had taken                 D. could take 19. I hate having red hair. I wish I ______ blonde hair. A. had     B. would have                                 C. had had                    D. am having 20. This exercise is very boring. I wish the teacher ______ us some more interesting things to do. A. gave   B. would give                                  C. had given                 D. will give 21.  I wish I__________ a doctor in the future.       A. am      B. were      C. had been                  D. would be 22. I wish that someday I ___________ able to marry her.       A. will be                   B. am                             C. would be                  D. had been 23. I wished I_________ enough money to buy the house.       A. had     B. have      C. had had                    D. would have 24. John wishes he ________   a scientist when he grows up.               A. is         B. was        C. will be                      D. would be, giúp em giải bài này ạ, em cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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