Tiếng Anh Lớp 9: 1. Both are informative articles, but this one is __________ .           A. best                    B. the best

Tiếng Anh Lớp 9: 1. Both are informative articles, but this one is __________ .           A. best                    B. the best                         C. most                   D. better 2. Travelling by air or car, which is __________ interesting?           A. more                  B. the most                        C. fewer                  D. better 3. Nowadays, people eat __________ sugar and salt to be healthy           A. fewer                 B. more                            C. less                    D. least 4. My little sister is three years__________ than me.           A. younger              B. more old             C. older                  D. more younger 5. Your sister looks just __________ Brigitte Bardot.           A. as                      B. like                              C. like from             D. as with 6. She’s always saying she’s__________ at English than I.           A. best                    B. good                             C. better                  D. gooder 7. The __________ thing by far about being unemployed is having no money.           A. best                    B. worse                           C. bad                     D. worst 8. My best friend likes the same type of music __________ me.           A. as                      B. from                             C. to                       D. with 9. The deep oceans contain some of the__________of all living creatures.           A. strangest            B. strange                         C. stranger              D. as strange as 10. He drives as__________ his father does.           A. most careful        B. carefully as         C. careful as            D. more carefully 11. I promise that I’ll be there__________ I can.           A. sooner as            B. soonest as           C. as soon as           D. no sooner as 12. Of all the ball-point pens, which one do you like__________?           A. best                    B. the better                      C. more                  D. the most 13. The__________ we start, the sooner we will be back.           A. more early          B. earliest                         C. early                   D. earlier 14. Marie is not __________ intelligent __________ her sister.           A. more/as               B. so/so                             C. so/as                    D. the/of  15. The test is not __________ difficult as it was last month.           A. as                      B. more                            C. most                   D. same 16. The lifestyle of young people is different __________ the lifestyle of old people.           A. as                      B. from                             C. like                    D. with 17. This piece of land is too small. We need a __________ one.           A. larger                 B. more large                    C. largest                D. most large 18. Should you need __________ details, please do not hesitate to contact us.           A. far                      B. farer                             C. furthest               D. further 19. Jerome has half as __________ records now as I had last year.           A. much                 B. more                            C. many                 D. less 20. Albert Einstein’s contributions to scientific theory were __________ those of Galileo and Newton.           A. important than                                            B. more important                       C. the most important                                      D. as important as, giúp em giải bài này ạ, em cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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